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But i do not think that GG just take the candle, at the time the Osc cross that level lets say level Thanks Nial, for the awesome quotes.

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And about the Osc, i am not sure if we can use that one by mladen as it is. Logic follows guidelines as in post I spotted the time interval and checked with my version. For the EA purpose an Histogram is also Ok. To get Previous Bar LowestHigh, as example, we need to define in how many bars we need to search, to get the highest among X bars lows. Then we compare it with current bar. Or, i get it wrong?

Please read this by Ron Black, Everyone says you get killed trying to pick tops and bottoms and you make all your money by playing the trend in the middle. Well for twelve years I have been missing the meat in the middle but I have made a lot of money at tops and bottoms.

Also, verify that the results according to our base-line results on all 7 Majors, with same params. We were working on the same thing. I found it over here , including a good pdf description. My Peak and Trough indicator to test and check. Single TF for the moment, triple TF needs some code cleanup.

Once this is approved to be ok I will post in the main thread including some remarks for vlanfx to ensure for proper integration in the EA. Thanks bartleby for pointing this out! A dream you dream together is a reality. The EA will only need one of the functions: For a focused work, clarity about demand and priorities is a basic requirement. This makes no sense at all. EA and Indicator can use the same function and the same library.

The function reflects the core of this logic, the indicator only a visualization. There is absolutely NO logic in the indicator. An iCustom call would turn this technical hierarchy upside down. No papertrade can teach you about slippage or the mental fitness to win or lose real money. Keep up the good work. I felt the concept was excellent. It covered every aspect required to work up a successful trading system.

All critical points were addressed. I found your writing style easy to read, without being too wordy. You presented all the relevant information in a systematic way and I think most traders with some experience would identify with the realistic expectations of trading which you expressed. I am really enjoying the OTM. It seems to be working very well, with quality content and active member postings.

I wish this were around when i started 15 years and many losses ago. I know i will make all my losses back by using the guidlines presented in your manual which more than anything it "changes the way you think" which is the most important thing. Keep up the good work! I just finished reading your Ultimate Trading Systems 2.

The reason I finished reading so quickly is that I could not put it down. As a beginner, I now have all the info I need on how to get started in Fx trading. I have down loaded tons of info on the subject but this manual is all you need all in one book. As a beginner, I do not think you can start to Fx trade without first reading this manual to fully understand what is involved.

David lays down the foundation for success. If you follow what he says here in this little gem, you will ultimately become a winner. I found it a very good tutorial on what a new trader should be doing before starting to trade. It stresses that a person must make plans on how he is going to develop his trading plan prior to trading. The book not only stresses the absolute need for a trading plan, but it shows how to make one.

It is an important read. It has really helped me focus on my trading. The first thing I did after reading the Ultimate Trading System was to write out my trading system. Something I had never done before. Then I put up four 3X5 cards that I see twice a day. Since doing this my trading has improved. During the month of January I did 20 options trades.

And guess what the losers were from trades I did not following my trading system. I will be following my plan from now on. I know that by following my trading system I will get trading losses. But now I have a written plan and system to follow and my trading losses will be small.

Once again thank you for putting the time and effort into the Ultimate Trading System. I find the material to be very usefull for new traders provided they take it to heart. I believe that everybody needs to find their own sweet spot when it comes to trading system and which market they trade. Through all the chapters, the different subjects are presented in a very simple and understandable way.

You have succeeded to make them simple but not simplistic. This way allows this book to be read profitably by newbies but also by more experienced traders. The trading psychology is particularly enlightening. The discipline and the confidence in trading come by learning and praticing until the necessary skills become second nature. For me, this is the most important chapter in your book.

All the other chapters give an operational approach about how the trader should design a winning trading system he will feel comfortable with, in accordance with his realistic objectives. In this point of view, the comparison of several trading styles and markets are a great help. A central chapter shows also the importance of having a trading plan with its practical, psychological and evolutionary aspects.

There is then a clear description with the elements a trading plan must contain: These are a must. It is also very useful to address the delicat problems of the choice of the charting software, the data providers and the broker, with clear questions and practical advises. You have compiled a down to earth explanation of vital information. The trading experience can be either supremely rewarding, or utterly debilitating.

Strict adherence to the principles discussed in your book will lay a firm foundation for ensuring a trader enjoys the rewards. I really enjoyed reading UTS2. My first reaction to it was "56 Pages? The book has reinforced to me the necessity of having a written trading plan, money management and back testing. I have heard these over and over, but I have never really committed to doing them.

As a matter of fact, I have decided that before I make my next trade, I will finish writing my trading plan and stick to it during my trades. For example, following all those emails to see what new strategies they are offering, but as you have mentioned in the book, if I have a written plan, and have back tested my system, then there would be no need for me to go chasing after every email to see if their system is indeed better.

Maybe if I had realized this fact a while ago, I could have saved myself thousands of dollars. I would definitely recommend this book to both beginner and experience traders. It was a good job pulling this information together. Taking a systematic step-by-step approach, this "blueprint" discusses all the aspects of designing and implementing a trading system, and explains clearly the reasons for each decision.

I found it a detailed route map to planning to trade profitably. Early on there is an overview of what the reader wants to achieve, so that the type of trading and the financial instruments can be decided. This forces you to stop and think instead of plummeting into failure by trading in the wrong way for you.

It also explains why buying an off-the-shelf system may not be a good choice. The chapter on entries puts the topic in perspective, by quoting from Van Tharp. This is a lesson that many traders have still to learn. I like the way snippets of MetaStock code illustrate clearly how to set up a system to screen for potentially profitable trades.

UTS covers every aspect of trading, including selecting software and the broker, and emphasizes the importance of back testing to prove the trading system. I particularly like the way that each chapter finishes with actions to be taken, to ensure that the content is understood and implemented. An easy read but packed with content, this blueprint is one I will refer to again and again.

It gives clear direction on every aspect to becoming a successful trader. The best comprehensive informative guide to Trading I have read. A must read for all newbies to trading. Nothing you have said is "new" but you have presented it in a clear concise manner that anyone should understand. I particularly like your constant reinforcement of the system process, discipline and managing emotions - the most difficult challange for all traders.

A great publication I would recommend to all traders - newbies to learn and oldies to reinforce the basics which can so often be lost. Presentation is accurate and concise, giving to me at least a feeling that successful trading is achievable. I like the way that links are set out, right where you need them not in some list at the end of the 56 pages. The need for focus and discipline is clear.

However you do mention a time scale, 3 months I recall. I do not agree with setting a time to learn to trade as it depends on so many factors: It has helped a great deal on my path to become a trader. I still have a way to go, hence the need to keep track of the core plan. The book is comprehensive and direct to the point with references to other authors.

It is obvious that David has done a lot of research and has personal experience which he is passing on to other investors. The part of back testing might be difficult to grasp, but in reality is true, one is always looking for a system with more winning trades, but as pointed out might not be the most profitable system.

During his meticulous studies, he developed some very powerful and innovative techniques, none more so than his use of the tool we call the Square of 9. Gann closely guarded his secrets whilst he was alive, but almost certainly the Square of 9 calculations was pivotal in his trading methods. The Square of 9 was not created by Gann.

He actually found it inscribed in a temple in India and on the walls of the Great pyramid in Egypt , but he was certainly the first trader to recognize its importance and relevance in market trading. Gann held a trading record which has been unsurpassed by anyone since. Again, in the presence of an independent witness, he made trades, winners and 22 were losses.

Gann square of 9 calculator is used to generate support and resistance levels for intraday trading. Breakouts of thee levels would be used to enter trade. In order to generate these levels, we need to input the latest trade price or weighed average price in Gann calculator attached with the post.

Once you input this price the Gann levels would be automatically generated. In this particular example, we need to enter buy if the price crosses above Lastly there are support resistance levels based on which targets are calculated above:. Every value in the Gann square is related to the center value. Below are the steps used to calculate these values:. Resistance values are the next higher values in the Gann square above the Buy Price.

While support values are the next lower values in the Gann square below Sell price. Targets are calculated based on support and resistance. Please see the below link to download Gann square of 9 calculator Excel Sheet. You simply need to input the current market price and the excel sheet would do rest of calculation itself. Please let us know if you have any queries. Also, send us your feedback on how to improve this sheet.

Gann Square of 9. Thanks a lot for this execellent tool. It would be of great help if you can provide some. Initial Stop Loss should be half of Target1.

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