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Now, the very fact that John Chen has falsified information like downloav on his website is enough for me to scream "SCAM"! If you do not set fixation size in the deposit currency, trades are closed manually by clicking the STOP label upper right corner where the period of license validity is specified. The software is licensed to foreign exchange brokers who provide the software to their clients.

I purchased Trend Forex 2. For a novice, I was not interested but I did manage to break it down into its component indicators and almost recreate these from standard or free indicators. I got my money back by requesting a refund from Clickbank. The vendor only answered my emails sent before I made the Clickbank request for a refund.

The only help the vendor would provide were responses, "Please tell me exactly where on my sales page it says Trend Forex 2. Anyone else should go to Clickbank now before the funds dry up! I purchased and was very disappointed. The whole package is a couple of readily available indicators and a brief document that spells out the rules. I have requested a refund.

I even went so far as to create an EA to automate the testing and backtested on a number of pairs. It was pretty hit and miss, and certainly nowhere near the promised performance. With lots of tuning I was able to coerce some of the pairs into a profit, but nothing I would consider trading on a live account.

At least one of the trading statements purported to be from this system that was included in one of the many ads pretending to be a review, clearly could not have been produced using the recommended rules. Is it possible that someone with a eye for trading could use this system and make some profitable trades?

But then again, someone with an eye for trading could do the same with no system at all. As for the rest of us, hang on to your money and keep looking. It is most likely not an excellent theory to manually configure each pair SL and TP although you can. The EA gets its set ups upgraded from the set files after authorized gain access to configuring each pair preset values; each setting has its own stop loss and take profit so I cannot list all in here.

The stop loss is rarely reached, though — by deeper analyzing the backrests. I am quite happy with the way it open extra positions when the market move in not favorable direction. Some secret ways in here that I cannot understand that lower the drawdown and risk when the robot scales in to positions. The strategy itself is pretty complicated that you have to be careful to read their instructions or using set files on official site only; a few signs which are provided with Metatrader are affected in an ingenious approach, so the entry signals are identified.

Instead the DLL programming is sometimes a hurdle for EAs working on multiple pairs with the identical DLL, in this situation it appears to be entirely thread safe. There is no GMT setting as it trades around the clock, so it is not to fret about in this instance. It could be acceptable with the NFA policies when you start trading with one currency pairs only.

You should contact with the owner if you are trading with NFA policies. It will allow even an amateur to earn good profits from forex trading without taking up any of their time. However, like forex trading goes, and like it is any other business really, one needs to be cautious when trading and should be prepared to take some losses.

Описание Forex off trend: Индикатор для выявления тренда. Хорошо показывает точки входа на пересечении линий. Данный индикатор рекомендуется. Входные параметры форекс советника Forex Trend River. Добавил: Profit | Теги: советник forex trend river, forex trend river скачать. Page 1 of 1: Форекс робот Forex Trend River - описание, отзывы трейдеров, скачать бесплатно.

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